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Coping with mental disorder is tough, and substance abuse makes it extremely difficult. An individual battling with co-occurring disorders undergoes a severe life crisis where he feels trapped and demoralized. The struggle caused by these disorders, also referred to as “dual diagnosis”, is affecting millions of Americans across the country. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, people diagnosed with a mental disorder are twice as likely to develop a substance abuse disorder as those in the general population.

It is, therefore, imperative that an individual suffering from co-occurring disorders seeks treatment from a facility which provides state-of-the-art dual diagnosis treatment options. The 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health determined that 8.4 million Americans suffer from both a mental illness and a substance abuse disorder. Unfortunately, only 7.9 percent of these individuals receive treatment for both disorders and a shocking 53.7 percent do not receive any treatment at all.

However, there lies a ray of hope in treating co-occurring disorders, as specialized treatment centers have been established, which houses dual diagnostic experts addressing this growing medical need. The Dual Diagnosis Helpline proves to be a great resource that connects anyone seeking dual diagnosis screenings in order to identify any coexisting conditions that may be exacerbating another disorder. The Helpline is here to assist you find a dual diagnosis treatment provider in your area so you can get started on the path to a life free of mental illness and/or addiction.

The Dual Diagnosis Helpline is here to make sure that those seeking treatment for co-occurring conditions get the help they need. If you or your loved one is suffering, do not hesitate. Call us today at 855-981-6047 to start your journey towards recovery.